NITRO BRAKE is produced by VALS AgroSolutions Ltda., a Chilean-German capital company. For its manufacture we use as main raw material, 3,5 Di-Methyl-Pyrazole (3,5 DMP) of German origin, which is then transformed to 3,5 DMPP in Chile under ISO 9001-2008, resulting in a highly concentrated liquid product and highly effective. NITRO BRAKE is the result of many years of study by Agronomists, from Germany and Chile, with extensive experience and knowledge in Nitrification Inhibitors in Chile and the world, who developed this product with the support of Chemical Engineers, achieving an exceptional product of great effectiveness.

NITRO BRAKE ® has a rigorous quality control which guarantees the 3,5 DMPP percentage indicated on its labels.

Our recommended application rates were defined after screening tests carried out in nursery plants of various fruit trees.

Thanks to the above, NITRO BRAKE, despite its short life, is today one of the fundamental pillars for the yield and quality increases of fruits in crops such as: Walnuts, Avocados, Citrus and Stone fruit.